Qt interfaces for Python

Qt was originally designed for C++ language. It provides a language extension without any modifications to the compiler: keywords "signals", "slots", and "Q_OBJECT" are ignored by C++ compiler and only used my Meta Object Compiler (MOC) to generate the signal/slot implementation.

Now Python has at least 2 bindings for Qt: pyside and pyqt.


PySide is developed by Qt Project. Licenses: LGPL, commercial

Example 1 - Control Panel

This demo shows a control panel with 3 controls connected together by the signal/slot mechanism.

Source code

Example 2 - Pie Chart

This demo uses a table widget from Qt and implements a new widget: pie chart. The pie chart is automatically updated on changes in the table.

Source code

Sample data file

Example 3 - Power Switch Control

This demo can be used to control a power switch with serial interface. It uses PySerial to communicate with the switch connected to a serial port.

Source code

Differences Between PySide and PyQt